In the past 80 years, Kim Pai has grown and evolved alongside Thailand’s society and economy. We take pride in being part of the success in many celebrated products throughout the years. Our long history has brought us valuable experiences, extensive know-how, and the ability to efficiently manufacture packaging products that set the benchmarks of today’s global industry.

Kim Pai’s focus is on creating quality products and developing effective operations to remain competitive on every front of our business. We invest heavily in new technologies as well as research and development to create new answers to all our customer’s demands. Our goal is to bring the highest satisfaction level to our customers as their success also translates to ours.

The most important resource at Kim Pai is our people. It is the core of all our success. This is why we put great priority into picking the best people and developing them to achieve their full potential. We know that everyone is an important link in the chain that is our Kim Pai family.