Kim Pai Jin Tia Heng was established at Chulalongkorn Soi 3 (Currently the location of Chulalongkorn University Department of Education). It started by making playing cards using Lithography printing
Establish Thai Offset Company to expand of Offset printing
businesses. Later, in 1971, Thai Offset started the first
Rotogravure printing for flexible packaging in Thailand.
Established Kim Pai Lamitube Company as the first manufacturer of laminated tubes in Thailand. This shifted the toothpaste market from aluminum tubes to the softer feel plastic tubes.
Kim Pai Lamitube started manufacturing Extruded Tubes for the cosmetic industry.
Thai Offset expanded manufacturing into producing Blown Film and using Flexo Printing technology at Wellgrow Industrial Estate.
Kim Pai Lamitube developed Invisible Side Seam technology creating a new premium market for the laminated tube industry.
Established Kim Pai Company Limited at Wellgrow Industrial Estate to expand the offset printing business.
In the occasion of our 80th anniversary, to better expand our market and utilize all the synergies of our different business units, we have decided to consolidate all our companies under the brand “Kim Pai”. In the past, our various companies have each operated under their own names. We want to consolidate all our companies under one simple but strong brand to provide our customers with a synergistic one stop shop for all their packaging solution needs.
Printed currency bills
for the Thai Government
during the end of World War II
Established Thai OPP Public Company as the first OPP film manufacturer in Thailand. Produced Heat sealable OPP film for Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, the Finance Ministry.
Thai OPP expanded into Cast Film manufacturing to produce CPP and CPE films. Thai OPP also expanded into Vacuum Metalizing to produce Metalized Film that is highly sought after for its great barrier properties, aesthetics, and lower cost compared to aluminum foil.
Established Kim Pack Company to expand tube manufacturing capacity to meet the growth in demand from local and international markets.
LS Pack was established in Vietnam for manufacturing toothpaste tubes for Unilever.
Partnered with Commit System Singapore to establish Kim Pai Coating as the first manufacturer Protection Film in Thailand.
Thai Offset expanded into the food and medicine packaging industry with a new state of the art facility at Wellgrow Industrial Estate.